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The main service of this agency is intermediating between the buyer or lessee and a seller or owner/lessor in buying, selling, renting or exchanging real estates. In order to connect the seller with the buyer (lessee and lessor) to perform intermediate services, the agency will do all the necessary to present the real estate on the market. It is considered that the agency has done basic intermediate services when it had led the buyer see the real estate and has organised or helped organising the meeting between the buyer (lessee) and a seller (lessor) in order to negotiate the sales contract or a lease contract or a real estate lease. The level of compensation for done intermediate services during the buying and selling, exchanging, leasing and renting real estates is being charged in frameworks of intermediate compensations in List of Prices of Intermediate Compensations of a Real Estate Business Association (Chamber of Economy).


Dear sellers:

The agency provides the real estate owners/sellers:

-audit and photographing the real estate,

-estimating the real estate’s value,

-a real estate’s presentation on our web site and on leading specialised portals,

-taking actions in order to find a buyer in a short period to negotiate the real estate sale and to conclude the sales contract,

-controlling the documentation of a real estate and warning of possible shortcomings and counselling how to improve the documentation,

-introducing the seller with all his legal obligations,


Dear buyers:

The agency provides the real estate buyers/lessees:

-we provide the audit of a real estate and offer numerous choices of real estates on our web site and leading specialised portals,

-we are finding the real estates that correspond with buyer’s budget and demands,

-showing the buyer a real estate,

-providing legal services and legal security of a buyer,

-introducing the buyer with all the legal obligations he has as a real estate buyer,


– draw up a preamble when buying and selling the real estate,

-draw up a contract for sales, leasing or rental of the real estate,

– forward the buyer’s demand to book the real estate in terrier’s books,

-forward the buyer’s demand to book the real estate in cadaster,

-forward the registration of arising tax liability of a buyer,

-submit a demand for a transcript from an old consumer of electricity, water, telephone to a new one.


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